Welcome to Religious Education classes for Children and Youth at UUCL! If you are new to our congregation, RE meets on Sunday mornings during the service on the second floor of the church building (the level at which you enter from the parking lots). There are classes offered for preschool-4th grade and 5th-8th, and a nursery available for infant-preschool. The infant nursery is open from 10:15-11:45 am. Unless noted otherwise, the grade school classes have the following routine: 5th-8th grade starts directly in the classroom. Please have your youth arrive between 10:15-10:30. Prek-4th grade start in the sanctuary - service starts at 10:30 am. They will be in the sanctuary through first hymn and a Time for All Ages. After that, they will be led to their classroom. You are welcome to keep your children with you in the sanctuary, if you prefer. 

Weekly Update for 04/19/2024

Children and Youth Religious Education:

Dear Friends, 

I hope you have been enjoying this beautiful spring weather we are having! I am so grateful your family and children are part of our community. Your active participation enriches our program immensely, nurturing not only the success of our initiatives but also fostering the spiritual growth of your children. Your dedication to UUCL Religious Education is deeply appreciated as we witness your children's blossoming understanding, empathy, and creativity. 

This month, we have had a great time together exploring what Interdependence means for us as Unitarian Universalists, the difference between independence and interdependence, and how our faith teaches us and lifts up the idea that we can’t go it alone. We will be exploring this theme through crafts, games, stories, and lots of connection opportunities.  

This week in Preschool-4th grade, we will be looking at the web of creatures and creation and exploring that our faith calls us to care for nature and our connection to it. We will talk about how Interdependence and Earth Day are both reminders that we are called to care for our planet, its natural resources, and the life and nature that inhabit it. To help us connect with this topic, we have a great story this week, a fun (and useful!) craft, a mindfulness activity, a fun game or two, and finally - a take home activity: an Earth Day scavenger hunt! I hope your family enjoys the hunt - please share pictures or tell us about your adventure together!

Our 5th-8th graders will be meeting this week! A new facilitator, Andreas, will be joining with Audrey this week to talk to our youth about their ideas and plans for next steps in our group. 

We are actively looking for volunteers for both age groups. Our 5th-8th graders need more hands on deck as soon as possible to keep momentum going after this week. Our preschool-4th grade will need volunteers starting in mid-June. Please speak with DLE, Courtney Sinha if you are interested in getting involved with either group or even if you just have some questions about what that would look like. We appreciate the support of all our families and friends to keep a thriving and growing RE program going.