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HAPPY SUMMER! After a chilly spring, we are hopefully enjoying the warm weather and perhaps making some plans for times of relaxation, whether they be getting out in nature, traveling or sitting beside a pool. I hope all our schedules can slow down a bit.
Many thanks to our old board members Stef Nicovich; David Wilson; and Hannah Symonds, who are rotating off the board; welcome to Betty Corbin (President); Stacy Yoder
(President-Elect); Matt Canning (Secretary); and Miles Dolihite (At-Large) who have all been elected to help guide our congregation. We are fortunate to have such active and engaged members.
First, however, we have some congregational business to continue from our meeting on May 21. Most of the congregation has offered their thoughts about legally changing our name. On Sunday, June 4, we will have a meeting to vote.
We have discussed the options, given everyone an opportunity to express their opinions, and the time has come to have a quorum (please, make sure you attend!). The issue of our congregational name has been brewing since the last time this concern was addressed. Our previous decision some years ago did not resolve our need to “grow into” our Unitar-
ian Universalist identity and who we want to be in the future while honoring our history. Our presence and participation will be important at this meeting.
Before the meeting on June 4, we will have a short, multigenerational service to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Flower Communion ritual. Please bring one or more fresh flowers to the service, so that each person can bring a flower and later take home a flower that someone else brought to share. This ritual has deep roots in religious freedom and the
affirmation of the beauty and worth of each human being.
Don’t forget that our service on June 11 will be our ANNUAL PICNIC at the Riverside Pavilion! Folks are planning to have Zoom up and running, so if you are on Zoom, have a sand-
wich at the ready to eat with everyone else.
This month I look forward to conversations, meals with community members, shared work, and celebrations.