We Live Love in the World

As members of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Lynchburg,  we share a desire to nurture the individual and the congregation and to encourage one another to live in accordance with our mission and our Unitarian Universalist principles.
We covenant to:

Prepare a safe and welcoming space where everyone is free to explore their spiritual growth within an accepting and supportive community.

Recognize the individual’s desire to be seen, heard, acknowledged, and loved.

Support an individual’s responsible search for truth and meaning in life.

Acknowledge our young people as an integral part of all facets of congregational life.

Share our values, ethics, and morals with our children so they and we may go out and live love in the world.

Accept and respect that there are differences among us, and we remain open to the richness and discomforts of diversity.

Deal with our differences constructively and respectfully, communicating with one another in an open, direct, caring, and confidential manner.

Accept accountability for our words, actions, and commitments, ready to offer grace, patience, and forgiveness to ourselves and each other.

Seek assistance to resolve disagreements when a mutually satisfying outcome seems beyond our reach.

Accept the democratically reached decisions of the congregation, and support the process even when we may not agree with the decisions.

Be mindful of others’ time and commitments, including those of the minister, staff, and volunteers.

Hold ourselves and each other accountable, within our individual physical and financial abilities, to do the work that is necessary to maintain our church and grow our congregation.

Be supportive of our members during their times of sorrow and struggle, reminding all of their worthiness to live a life of peace, purpose and well-being.

Celebrate our individual and collective joys and achievements, encouraging one another on our life journey.

Therefore, as members and friends of First Unitarian Church of Lynchburg, we pledge to be in community together in the spirit of this covenant, understanding that it is a living document that will evolve as our congregation evolves.