June traditionally is a month of transition for many, due to
academic graduations. For our congregation, June starts a
new church year for those serving on our board. Stef Ni-
covich moves from President to Past President after serving
ably. David Wilson has decided to retire from Secretary and
Hannah from her Trustee’s slot. I thank them for their will-
ingness to serve. From David, I learned you can publish
and approve meeting minutes by the end of that same
meeting. Hannah served on several committees including,
most recently, the name change group. Our new board
members include Stacy Yoder as President Elect; Matt Can-
ning as Secretary; and Miles Dolihite as one of three trus-
tees. Jim Barton and Audrey DeJarnette continue as Trus-
tees and Finis Southworth continues as Treasurer. Our con-
gregation uses a 3-year cycle of commitment for the Presi-
dent’s role; first you serve as President-elect (many organi-
zations refer to this as Vice President), then as President,
and your third year as past president. This is to provide
leadership continuity and help transfer institutional knowl-
edge that often passes orally and by example. Now it’s my
turn to take on the President’s role. This is my third tour.
We are not the same congregation as when I served be-
fore. Nor will it be the same congregation next year when
Stacy serves. We constantly change as we grow, perhaps
not always in number of members but in our depth and
breadth of service to one another. I have remained a mem-
ber for nearly 40 years. Many of our closest friends are
members of this community; a community was what I was
searching for one September work day when I dropped in
to test the waters. Much transition had happened in my life
over the preceding few years: moving to Virginia to live
closer to Shannon Farm Community; new job; new school
for our young daughter; new business started by my hus-
band; deaths of my parents; resigning from my job to fin-
ish my undergraduate degree; and leaving Shannon Farm
community. If you are new to our community, I hope you
too make deep connections to others and find comfort and
meaning from those connections. They have sustained me
well all these years.
Blessed be, Betty Corbin, President