Justice Action & Resource Team

Unitarian Universalists have a long tradition of working for social justice in our community, nation,

and world. For UUs, doing social justice work is a key spiritual discipline and runs deep in our

blood. Our Team works to raise individual, congregational, and community awareness, along with

calls to action in various forms, about crucial local, regional, national, and global issues.

Throughout its history, our congregation has engaged with important social justice issues,

especially the struggle for civil rights. In recent years we’ve advocated resolutely for:

 the Virginia campaign for Marriage Equality,

 repeal of the Authorization for the Use of Military Force,

 passage of the Iran Nuclear Deal,

 launch of the Citizens Climate Lobby chapter in our community,

 support for redistricting reform through OneVirginia2021, and

 Black Lives Matter.

Other longstanding projects, such as the Gateway dinners, Meals On Wheels, and the Daniels Hill

Garden project in a Lynchburg food desert area are examples of local programs where our

members have been active.

And each month, a different local service organization is invited to speak and receive donations

during our Generosity Sunday Service.

Now, our newly refocused Justice Action & Resource Team (JART) will continue to monitor

and assess such issues and inform the congregation whenever there is an opportunity for our

members to sign petitions, join marches, write letters, or contact legislators.

In that regard, we plan to establish an online resource that our members can utilize to check out

opportunities for involvement, or list other justice action opportunities for consideration.

JART’s Goal is to:

 Empower, encourage and support our members of all ages in finding social justice and eco-

justice ways to live out our UU values;

 Initiate social justice/eco-justice action events, programs, and involvement for our members

and friends;

 Become an “umbrella team” – offering a place for those currently working on issues to share

updates, report successes, and ask for ideas and help;

 Act as a network connector – affirming our active connection with local, state, and

national/international advocacy groups (eg., Citizens’ Climate Lobby, VA Interfaith Center for

Public Policy) and inviting more of our UU members and friends to get involved with these;

 Work with other FUUL church groups and committees on shared endeavors

 Actively invite our UU members and friends to share with JART new issues they are

concerned about and want church folks to work on; JART will offer help and support in

introducing the concern and assistance with the next steps.

If you have a strong sense of doing social justice we invite you to become a vital part of JART.

 Join our monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of every month (except for July and August)

at 7:00 pm via Zoom at this time.

 If you’d like a link to our meetings or further info about JART, please contact Pat Bower

(bowerpatricia2@gmail.com) or Bob Morse (bobmjr@gmail).

Overview:  SocialJusticeActionTeams-12.2019.pdf

Request Form:  SJActionRequest Form-11.2019.pdf